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Grid systems are hard, or at least they seem to be based on the complexity of some of the existing ones. They offer multiple layout systems, gutter sizing methods, and a plethora of mixins to tie them all together. While I see the advantges of these features, most of the time I’m just looking for a simple way to lay a few things out in a single row. Enter Ra,

Ra is two mixins that I’ve used in the past to lay out a basic grid. It’s power is in its simplicity. Add the row() mixin to the container of your columns. Then, add the col($width) mixin to the children you want to become your columns. Specify a width by passing a percentage to the mixin, say 1/4 to use four columns. That’s it. Maybe some day I’ll add push and pull methods or swapping source order. But, for now, it’s just an easy way to set rows and columns.

On to the example,

.main {
  @include row();
.nav {
  @include col(1/3);
.content {
  @include col(2/3);

With this example we’ve got a div.main that represents our row and then two columns inside. The .nav column is narrower, taking up just 1/3 of the width. The .content div is larger, taking up 2/3 of the width. Need padding or gutters? Just add it to the CSS, Ra doesn’t mess with the spacing in any way.